Monday, August 9, 2010


And now I'm seventeen :D
it was an extremely quiet birthday this year, but still awesome.. and now i can't wait til i turn 18!! So that i can have a SUPER party woooooo ~

I made a wish before blowing out the candles on my dog shaped cake BAHAH.. it was heaaaps cuute!! But it was mostly all cream, =P thumbs up for BreadTop!

All the birthday wishes from everyone really made my day :)

Happy 20th to Johnny as well! Last night we went to a lookout in the hills with friends from badminton, the lookout was heaps beautiful ♥.. had a great time :) I bet everyone on living on that hill could hear the laughter^-^ stupid Le kept hiding behind bushes trying to be scary xD epic fail i'd say.
wahh it was actually pretty scary at times, on top of a hill, so dark you cant see whats in those bushes...*shivers*
and freezed my toes off :P

These are memories I'd like to never forget :)

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