Thursday, July 29, 2010

The good old days,

Where my biggest problem was if my dad found out that I buried my lunch in the sand so i wouldn't have to eat it.

I never thought that this day would come.
UMAT is finally over!!! I won't have to do it ever again in my lifetime. Hopefully.
I've never really thought about what I would do if i don't get into dentistry or medicine.. I guess I'd better start making some serious back-up plans!

7:45am Arrived at the testing location, the Jockey club at Morphetville. After almost 13 years in Adelaide, I had never been to/seen this place before xD ..its MASSIVE.

8:15am After waiting in line to register, the line starts to move....slowly..

9:10am All 1000+ of us are finally seated, taking up three whole levels of the building, sitting in rows where my elbow was almost on someone elses desk. Thats how close the little desks were to each other. No space!! Cheating is not a problem, because everyone has a different paper =S
I went into the test room thinking " i can do this.. be positive.." then i was all calm and ready to go...
As soon as i looked at the question booklet, my hands started shaking...== and when i tried to underline key words, they came out as a weird squiggle almost crossing out the word..

12:16am The fat lady tells us to put our HB pencils down, everything is over so fast.. Barely had enough time to finish but nevertheless i finished :)

It was really all the waiting that almost killed me =P just standing inline, looking at all the people next to you and wondering how smart they are..
Being early into the test room, and watching the room slowly fill up with kids that look the definition of SMART. Man, that scared me shitlesssss

Now i can just focus on year12 =) get a good TER, and do my best!! woopwoop

But i can't believe that I've actually done and finished the umat.. it seems unreal... Maybe because I still feel like a little kid, the fact that I'm going to uni real soon hasn't sunk in yet!

Hope that all my work towards umat has paid off.. and if it doesnt, well...yes, I'll be disappointed and all.. but it'll be fine..theres always something else :)

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