Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fingers Crossed.

So yesterday I realised that I spend WAY too much time on facebook and stuff.. and so I deactivated my account. Too bad that i have almost NO self-restraint, and so Im back on facebook :)
FIVE. The number of days left until UMAT. You would expect me to be all urgent and study 24/7..which is what I should be doing.. epic fail at that too..
since when did i become such a lazy potato..
UMAT is superawesomelyimportant. This is what decides whether i spend my days as an awesome doctor or dentist.. or whether I'll work in some other profession.. bum cleaning anybody? :D hhahah no-_-
So wish me luck peoples!^-^ Seriously, i'll need all the luck i can get>_<
Anyways, its positive thinking from now on, because if i just believe in myself i can do it :D HAHA. sure sure :)

Well, umat is on the 28th of July. after that... PARTYYYYYY hehehe
I'm so going to enjoy my life once i walk out of the examination hall.

Onto another topic, Tasmania was almost awesome (Y).
If it wernt for the freezing weather and the need to wake up early everyday, i'd say it was fair awesome!
Doing what i love for 9 days straight.. what more can i ask for ^-^ ahha but yeh after playing constantly for that long i actually started to get sick of it D: something that i swear has never happened before..
Its ok now though, im back to my badminton loving self :) although i rekon those 9 days of not doing any work has affected my studying powers ..
I can't study for long periods of time by myself anymore.
kinda sucks cuz i used to be able to do it when needed. My 2000word essay is due tomorow, ive only done about half and im still on my laptop procrastinating.. Im fairly screwed for tomorow then..... aiyerrrr

so WISH ME LUCK ok? ^-^ for my umat, if you do and i get into medicine, i'll cure you for a special price :D LOL.

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