Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspire Me.

SO, i figure im getting a little pudgy around the edges :)
what with all the sitting down and studying like a nerd :P teehee
so im gona go on a diet. Well, lets not call it a diet, lets call it a healthy eating plan :D ahahha

I'll keep this Blog updated, so i HAVE to tell you guys how much ive gained/ loss-_- so that i dont cheat and just give up, good thinking right? lol..
Everytime i try this kind of stuff, i fail because.. well, my will power is just not that great :(

it will be this time :) i havnt worn a tank top out in agessssss~ looking forward to in the summer :D
its gona be legend.. wait for it.... DARY. bahahhaha

Well, yeh the plan is, to eat a good sized breakfast, cereal and stuff, then for lunch eat something moderately healthy.
Dinner can't be controlled as much because if I dont eat with my parents they'll kick my ass :P haha.. maaaannn, my mum offers me something to eat literally every half hour >< hehe love my mum..
OH, and nothing after dinner, no supper, no milo.... D:

WELL THEN, wish me luck kids =) im off to do the impossible.

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