Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just TEN more weeks.

In ten weeks, guess what i'll be doing? End of year exams. bahahha.. you probly think im like heaps hyped up for it :D but no. i only know this because my tutor keeps telling us. Lol he said hes gona make a countdown for it lol.. that excited little singaporean..
Well hopefully i'll be able to study hard for it ! :)

Maann.. Just came back from tutoring, its almost 11pm, and i went at 3:30. thats DEDICATION right there!!! bahha.. just kidding, i swear when i study at home for like an hour, it feels like more than i study at tuition D: ahhah or maybe im just weird.

Hm.. so Seventeen doesnt feel all that different.. still feel small :P eheheh..

oo i watched Valentines Day today at home before tuition, Its really sweet :) But i guess.. this is how people get disappointed in relationships. They watch these kind of movies and then expect real life to be like that. Tell you what, they'r in for a nice surprise :) hahaha..

Watched A Cinderella Story too, yerh i know, these are all old movies..but yeh i dont usually watch movies that often :P

Cinderealla story was really good i rekon :) its so cutee!! and Chad Michael Murray.. maaaannn.. i like i like ;) HAhha.. well yeh, it was just fun to watch i guess!
ahHA oh yeh ! this was the massive chair that we saw at WalkersArms, the place we went for Johnny's 20th :) ahhaha.. That is an epic chair that id like to buy if i ever get rich xD

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