Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Fringe

Hey boys and girls.
I feel like its been an age and a half since I last posted. Not because alot has happened, but because the week has gone by ohhh so sloowwwly. Between all that pre-clin uni, time just feels like it has stopped for a while. And as exciting as uni is, I was so happy to be able to sleep in this morning :)

Today was pretty fail. I somehow managed to drop my phone in the toilet as I was about to leave, and BAM! Ninja-reflexes made my hand dive into the pool of sexy and take it out. Lucky for me, I had already flushed. And yes, my phone is ok now. I saved it. I'm a life-saver. trololol

Then me, being the best future house-wife ever, had to wash my laundry twice- forgetting to put any washing powder in the machine the first time, and ironed my shirt with a hair straightener. It works, just for your information if you're ever in the same emergency situation. haha.

Guess this is just a disclaimer to anyone out there who didn't already know, if you want all THIS *points at self* then you're going to have to be preeetty good with the house work. and cooking. and life in general. haha you know, to make up for my lack of.
Or maybe I should just not be such a nob.

I'm hoping it'll all come to me one day down the track. Women these days are more career orientated anyway, and they still get by just fine. I think.

Sturt teams tournament tomorrow. Its an all day thing too. 12-9pm. Was supposed to use today to study so that I wouldn't have to be up late tomorrow night after the tournament.. But that didn't exactly go to plan- Online shopping *cough cough* what?- LOL. Sad. But I shouldn't complain. it was a fun couple of hours. And the rest of the time, I don't even know WHAT happened. I might have taken a nap. Might have had multiple snack times. Who knows.

The title up there might infer that i have been to the fringe. LOL I haven't (I'm so deceptive). Was thinking about maybe going. Maybe would like to go later in the week. Maybe. Its the Happening thing right now in little Adelaide. Maybe I should be Happening too and go check it out. Maybe watch something for once. Maybe do something fun. maybe don't be such a toolbag. Maybe.

But obviously MAYBES always skew to the Negatory side- so maybe means no, in most cases. So no, don't think I will be going. And yes, that was pointless- SO WHAT!? I'm leaving it here. Just 'cause. SO sca-rewwww, you.
Man I'm weird tonight.

OH GUYS GUYS, there is a Fancy Burger on Rundle St! Who knew? You knew? If you knew why didn't you tell me!? LOL.
Definitely going to try it out, I heard its pretty good.
Wish I were more adventurous. and tried out more things. Thats another thing to work on. The list is getting longer people! Get crack-a-lackin'!

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