Saturday, February 16, 2013


So, Valentines day eh?

I have always been the one who doesn't reeeeally look forward to it. The day would be spent just watching other people get stuff and be loved. In highschool there were a couple times I got a pretty rose or two, but they were just from them good guy besties who worry you'll be sad that you're all alone and stab yourself in the foot. Even if I did have a boyfriend for V-day, there would always be the constant nagging in my head- did you give a nice enough present, do they truly know how much you care..? In some cases- why didn't he get me anything, why didn't he wish me a happy valentines day? :/ awks.
Following that, I woke up for 8am lecture that morning just absolutely cheesed off about it being Valentines day, thinking- its all just a scam. Just a way to jack up the prices on roses.

But I have to say it was quite a pleasant v-day this year.

I actually didn't see the rose stuck on the inside of my locker when I opened it.. Changed my clinic coat, got all my stuff ready to go, then I see it and just think '..there wasn't one of those the last time I checked...' Haha. It genuinely surprised me. And ofcourse, it made me smile.
The morning was bad. Full of boring lectures and periodontal probing. But that rose just made me happy the whole day. :)

Thought that was the end of it, but I got home to find chocolates waiting for me with my name on it. I actually what-the-effed. Jeebus, 2013 you're doing pretty good so far.
That night I found out who it was and what-the-effed even more. Didn't even know the guy properly. He was the one whose name I always forgot. I think I've said like four sentences to him in total since we met.

^pose much? YES I DO.
..I guess you never really think about those people, do you?
We all have secret crushes, those people who- when we see them we can't help but smile inside.
But all we ever think about is the guy or girl we like.
Too busy to realise- maybe someone likes YOU and you don't know it. Maybe YOU'RE that someone who makes them smile. And while you're busy fawning over that guy you're so keen on, the poor guy over there is watching you, oh so brokenhearted.
SAD LOVE STORY GUYS. ALWAYS HAPPENS. It really can't be helped. Thats why love is so stupid, thats why its such an A-HOLE.

Anywhoop. Today was the 16th Feb. pretty big day. For me atleast.. But once again I set myself up for disappointment when things didn't happen the way I wanted them to. What can you do?

Just lower your expectations, don't have hopes and be a pushover. Like me. All the time.
Gotta fix that glitch soon.. And when it IS fixed, I hope you're ready for it. Some of you are go'n get slapped.

Ps. Peach goes well with oatmeal. Try it. It blew my mind. I think I love it.

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