Saturday, February 9, 2013

I got a pocket full'a sunshine

People, I just have to put it out there and whinge, the past two weeks have been terribad.
Theres just so much to do for uni. I can barely keep my eyes open throughout the day and sometimes I need to sleep so badly that I feel like I could just cry. But I don't ofcourse, cause tears of champions are expensive. Could sell my tears for a kabajillion dollars.

Being the supergirl I am, I've tried my best to make time for the other equally important things in my life, you know the drill- friends, family, gym, badminton. I make commitments that I can barely keep, and carry them out so halfheartedly sometimes. I think thats why I'm so burnt out when its only been 2 weeks in. Theres just not enough time. Although these things are important to me, I should be focusing on my studies for now. For myself.
Its not like I'm doing badly in my course or anything, I just don't have the energy to be myself anymore. I'm like a zombie most of the time. To date this week, four different people in my class have stopped what they were about to say to me to ask if I was ok and to ask why I looked so sad. Sad is not the word. Dead is the word. LOL maybe this is the reason girls wear makeup. To cover up the dead look.

There comes a time when you realise these things and just need to knuckle down and work harder. If I can work harder, I'll have more time for other things, and more importantly, more time for SLEEP.
There also comes a time when I realise that I need to stop reading the timetable wrong. JEEBUS, Do you even Uni!? *shakes head* How many more times can this possibly happen, tard!? It's not that hard to read a timetable. And it shouldn't be this hard to be a good uni kid. 

Anywhoop after another week of pre-clin, I finally got to have a catch-up dinner/dessert date with my dent girlfriends Shannon and Viv. Star of Siam, Summers eve Friday markets and Chocolate Bean. The things we got to talking about, you can't imagine. 
I'm just so happy its Friday :)
PLUS, new eps of Big Bang Theory and Suits. Chaaaching! Life is good for the rest of tonight.


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