Monday, February 11, 2013

You float my steamboat

Look at all that green vegie goodness. Let me start off by saying- Happy Chinese new year, all ma' asian homies out thurr. Hope you get all the luck, all the money, all the fun, all the happy this year. Don't freak out ya'll.
This whole weekend has just been.. wonderful food. and more food. and food. SO MUCH FOOD.

Steamboat, Watermark buffet, Krispy Kremes, Egg rolls, love letters and pineapple cake. So. Much. goodness.
Its nice having the whole family together to celebrate. makes me one happy chap.
Would like to take the time to explain to you how cute my little niece Chanelle is. Well technically not my niece but.. Cousin's daughter- You know what I mean! Someone told me she would be my first cousin once removed but then another person told me that she would be my 2nd cousin. Neither make any sense and don't sound very nice so.. I'm going to call her my niece. Cause I live on the edge.
SO CUTE OH MY GOSH. She makes me want to drop out of uni and be a teenage mum. Being able to hold her and squish her chubby face.. I can't explain the happiness. She has tiny fingers, tiny knuckles, tiny toes, tiny lips.. How can something so small bring so much joy? I can't wait til she starts talking, then I can talk to her and tell her all my secrets.
I'm in Love. You see this jumper I'm wearing? I wish you could feel it. Cause it feels like motherhood material!! oh -ho-ho-ho.


 Trololol. Bet you were scrolling down going 'aww' at pics of the baby then BAM! Hobokins in your face on the screen^. Yeah. That is some genuine sibling love. We're so similar, but so different. ♥
New year didn't feel like new year at all. Again maybe its just that I've grown to be so emotionally detached from things that I used to find excitement in over the past few years, but hey, it was fun no matter what we were celebrating. Hope you all had a good time this weekend too, whatever you were doing.

I said I'd make time to study just in the last post. But what do ya know- ended up being more behind than ever. I blame the festivities. Lol. Going to clinic with no treatment plan. Only spells out trouble. I knew you were- trouble when you walked innnnn. haha. YES I JUST DID IT. SO WHAT!?
I'm sorry. ;D
I leave you tonight with a picture my friend sent me as a suggestion of what I should be doing when I have my own private clinic. Best idea anyones ever had. In the history of the world. And the universe. Combined. For cereal. :)

Still afraid of the dentists? ..Yes? You duh gay. But I don't blame you. ahah
Goodnight sons and daughters. Happy new year.

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