Friday, December 20, 2013


Absolutely fuming at the loud people next door, it's almost midnight, WHY YOU SO LOUD?! every ten seconds I hear another loud thump. Maybe they're playing WWF wrestling like zhen and I used to, back in the day. 
So I'm in Taiwan now, things are pretty gloomy-weather wise. I like it gloomy though. it's a nice weather to just let your mind wonder. Much better than the sweltering 43 degrees it is currently in Adelaide. trololol sucked in, adelaidians. <3 keep cool over there!
Taiwan this time round is just as I remembered it. People are very Asian, very orderly, things are super cheap, food is great and the sights are quite beautiful. Walking through some of the streets they bear quite alot of resemblance to the streets in Japan. I guess that's because of the huge influence the Japanese had left Taiwan with after invading. it's quite nice. 
Ofcourse, every country I visit, I always end up thinking to myself- I could never live here. no matter how I imagine, I can't see myself living in another country that's not Australia. I can't even imagine myself living in another STATE. Close-minded? yeap, I think so. When did I become this way? or maybe I've always been so. 
10 days to go until I'm home. I'm enjoying myself, but I've never stopped counting down the days til I'm back in Adelaide. there are people I want to meet, songs I want to learn on my guitar, hobbies I want to take up. 

Picture time. 


Helly kitty Beer? what the jizz. Goodnight :)

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