Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last night

Sitting by the pool alone and in the dark, just to have wifi so that I may blog tonight before setting off to Taiwan! 8% of battery left on my phone too, lets see if I can get to the end without it dying on me. oh, 7% now. gee geeee. curry in a hurry!! 
Speaking of curry, I've been eating alot of it! In addition to heaps of char kuey tiao, meegoreng, wan tan mee and laksa. Oh man. making food babies errrryday. The wedding dinner was fun, a chance to look kinda cute and meet the rest of the super extended family my grandma here decided to produce. LOL. 10kids enough for you there? never heard of condoms back then? HAHA I kid. maybe. 
Getting bitten by a crap load of mosquitoes right now so I'll post a few pics and run away soon. 2weeks til I'm back in Adelaide, 2 weeks til New Years. What are your New Years resolutions?
Happy Tuesday!

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