Sunday, December 29, 2013


SO excited that I'm almost home, I can't contain it. I just want to blast music from my phone and dance around by myself in this hotel bar lounge. Haha scabbing wifi and killing time until my flight. just think, in exactly 12 hours I'll be home. I can't think of a better way to spend the last two weeks of my holidays :) home home home home homo. LOL.
to the people that haven't heard from me, hope you all had a merry Christmas. This years was quite uneventful, but when has it ever been super fun anyway? Well, not since I was like 12 I think. But hey, when I get older and have kids, I'm defs going to try get him/her/them excited and hopeful for Christmas. Sure, I'm not Christian and don't really celebrate it, but it's such a nice feeling when you get into the spirit and the whole "nothing's more important than family, friends and love" message is quite awesome.

New Year is coming also, and I think I'm happy to be able to leave 2013. It hasn't been the best year, but I'm definitely thankful for everything that has or hasn't happened, grateful for the lessons learnt. Man, I'm just grateful to have passed 3rd year actually! I was convinced that no amount of study would prepare me for the exams, but I guess I am a lucky bird. haha. also lucky to have amazing friends to help me get through it. To those that managed to get me through oral pathology, you must have great teaching skills. LOL. hate dat shiz. :)
I can only hope that my clinic skills will improve from here on in, though I'm happy that I actually enjoy talking to patients and interacting with them, as much as I complain and lol at how bat-crap-crazy some of them are. Cause how else will you keep the motivation to practice dentistry the rest of your life?!

New Years resolutions, have you made them yet?  I certainly have. A draft copy anyway hahah.
1. Prioritise study, pass 4th year. be more professional
2. Get back into piano
3. Keep going with guitar
4. Read more novels
5. Stop eating right before bed, fool!
6. 50 double skips in a row. Terrible at them.
7. Keep temper under control when arguing with Zhen!! Jeebus.

Small goals, I know lol.. All are things I should be able to achieve so I have no excuse for not. Get going with the goal planning people!

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