Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Open fire; Sydney 2013

FARK. I want you to understand so badly how I'm feeling right now. But I can't possibly put this feeling into words. Is it love? Is it obsession? Its definitely not normal. HAHA. Maybe abit of every emotion in the book.
You know why?
Cause I saw him. 
I saw Lee hom.
This is serious, I need help cause my heart can't take it no more.
Sigh. Kind of wishing I didn't see him in concert. Cause now I love him even more.
Before I was slowly getting over him and listening to his music was "yeh, very good, alright". Now when I think back to how GOOD he was Live.. DAMN. No one can compare. I'm being absolutely serious.

He is perfect on stage. Hits every note perfectly. If you close your eyes, you'd probably think you're in heaven just listening to angels. THATS how good it was. No lip syncing, no fakeness.. Just a genuinely awesome music artist on stage.
I can't even describe the amount of talent. Jeebus.
every second of that concert was just awesome. Even his new songs which I can admit are really not very great at all, sounded so good coming from his mouth.
Couldn't believe he was actually there, in the same room as me. not even 50 metres away.
I wanted to run from my seat and hug him so badly.
All the time I was screaming from my seat, I wanted and hoped that he could hear me. I screamed out I LOVE YOU LEE HOM when it had gone all silent as the song was just about to start. I really wanted him to notice me..How sad.
I understand how gay this is sounding and how weird it might be for you peeps. But DAYUM. My idol since I was 7, I'M EXCITED just THINKING back to it.
I never thought I'd be able to see him. Ever.
Its the kind of thing you only dream about but never expect to happen. Like winning the lottery. Or finding the perfect man. Or for fairies to come flying out my ass. HAHA Things like that just don't happen.
In the middle of the concert, some guy proposed to his girlfriend. That lucky girl.God damn it. THAT SHOULD BE ME, having Forever Love sung to me. Having him walk down from the stage to hug me. SIGH. all the jelly.

Anywho I think i should stop now. I'm going to explode. Going to roll to badminton so I can snap back to reality. lol. If he comes to Australia again.. I'm definitely going to try and make it.
Aside from thaat craziness... I had a pretty nice time in Sydney. Went down with my cousin Emily- Happy 18th by the way baby! Got her to try Rekorderlig cause tis the bomb.
ok ready? BOOM. Picture spam. *cue elevator music*

Did alot of walking, shopping and eating. So much eating.. 10pm .. "you hungry..?" "yea..." LOL then come back with hot chips. Fatties.
But as much as Sydney was fun, I was happy to come home to Adelaide. I think the people are generally just nicer, the streets are friendlier, less bustling and busy. I love Adelaide to be honest. :')

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