Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get on it.

Time has been flying by oh so quickly these past few weeks. I almost don't remember how I've spent my holidays. Then I remember- Been busting my ass working. Hahah 
Yes, I got a job. Who would have thought?
I was always hesitant about getting a job. Didn't know if I could manage to juggle everything in my life PLUS extra work. I'm guessing my studies are going to suffer. But anywho. it got to the point where I was just so bored with what I was doing everyday- Uni, badminton, uni, badminton, uni, home, sleep, sleep, sleep, make no money, sleep, spend money, eat, eat, eat ,eat- Oh man. I felt like such a waste of space. Felt like I needed to make the most of my free time. I guess life isn't always supposed to be exciting or fun. You just need to find time for the things worth doing.
And if uni gets too hardcore- guess I could always quit my job.
So I work at a sushi place now. Come visit me if you want sushi. Just a heads up though, I can't give you a discount. Haha.. i'll slip you some extra wasabi/pink ginger or maybe a couple more soy sauce packets. 
I have to say, I'm quite enjoying work. I like having random conversations with the odd person while they're deciding what to get. Although you get reaally 'sigh' customers that take an age and a half to decide what they want to eat for lunch. You'd think they were making real life changing decisions.
My boss is pretty cool. He's strict but can joke around at the same time.
Lots of fobs working. Man. Fobs. One of my pet peeves. But hey, I can learn to deal with it. Atleast they're nice.

Because I've been so busy, it feels like I haven't had time to enjoy myself very much. Haven't set foot in the gym for over 3 weeks.. Kind of disappointed in myself.
I keep telling myself that I need to blog about these kinds of things, whats been happening in my life etc- not for the reason of informing the world of my doings and whereabouts, but to remind MYSELF of what I've achieved, what has happened, where all my time has gone, and to not lose sight of the things i need to focus on.
Study for example. Don't remember the last time I printed out lecture notes. Disappointing indeed. How can I expect to do well seeing patients if my knowledge is not up to scratch?
Exercise. Thats definitely a downward spiral. A fatty waiting to explode. 3kilos. Thats how much I've gained over the past.. 2 months or so. Disappointing as well.
Family and friends. Haven't spent much time with my family these days. Nor my friends. Or Rosemay. Rosemay. if you're reading this I'm really sorry I haven't kept you updated, or been over to see you in a while.. Really sorry :'/ 
It takes effort to stay connected with the ones you really care for. Lately I haven't been making much of an effort.
I'm always so tired nowadays. Again.
Hopefully I'll get my shit together soon, get back on track and start being awesome again. 


  1. Take care of yourself, Jun :) you should know that I'm always here and will always be your best friend no matter what. Even if we don't don't talk for months. We'll find a way to catch up sooner or later ;) you're lucky to have an understanding friend LOL sometimes I worry for you baby; please don't fall into depression xD it sooo doesn't suit you HAHA <3 I know you that you'll manage to balance your priorities. You're one of those people who complain and worry that you might not do well, study/work your ass off and then achieve the impossible! Keep your head up high, sleep and eat well ♥

  2. thankful to have you in my life, boo <3
    i WILL see you soon. i will i will i will.