Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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So you know I HAVE to make a post about dent camp.. HERE GOES!

Dental camp '13 OH MAN. It's been two years since I've been. First time I went, I'll admit I only went so that I'd make friends and stop being such a loner in my lectures. I was sick of the whole trying to quietly squeeze into a gap in the group circle and be like 'Yea, i know what you're talking about!' when clearly, I was so out of the friend group I might as well have just given up.
I blame having a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend during the first year of uni- especially at the start is actually really difficult. I spent all my free time with said boyfriend and his friends that I had forgotten the most important part of uni. making your OWN friends. LOL. Struggle-town for me when it came to leaching off people's assignments. For once in my life I had to do my own work, hand in my own ideas and no, lets not go there again. It wasn't such a pleasant uni experience for the first half of the year.

Thank you dental camp, for making friends for me. Thanks for the drunken nights, the dazed mornings and all the fun you bring. If you're a dent/med/camp-going-course kid that hasn't been to camp yet, GET ON IT, JIGGA! 

So main reason for camp was to release all der stress up in my face from the crazy patients that come into the ADH. Man, patients are difficult. But thats another story. Reason number two? Checking out the first years, and meeting second years that I didn't have the chance to meet last year. 
Helloooooo first years, you rude-ass pricks. Well, not all of them. But the minority just ruined it for everyone. Don't know where they got all their confidence from, but they were just so up-themselves, inconsiderate and rude to their seniors. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ASS-MUNCHER? Go back to highschool please. Sigh. But other than that, camp was legendary- as per usual. Aside from the lame Mexican and Thrift-shop themes. Oh themes, how I despise you.

Made friends- forgot alot of names but oh well, danced through the night, bartended for a little while, threw up, took photos, sang songs. This one guy was so awesome at guitar. 10years, dayum that is dedication. I was lead singer ofcourse ;) haha SHUT UP, I'm not that bad. :D maybe.

Goodnight noodles, have a good day tomorrow. If you're having a bad day, just say to yourself- But I'm awesome like Jun, I can do it. HAHA. I'll ttyl. Less than tree. I mean three. <3 div="">

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