Sunday, September 1, 2013

Too much love

Hi there.

I'm sitting at my desk right now with all these articles infront of me just WAITING for me to read. Totes excited. Not really. Please shoot me in the foot right now.

It's 3AM and I attempted a nap about an hour ago. Ofcourse, the only time I really need a power nap I can't manage to fall asleep. Ofcourse. Oh wow. The word "Ofcourse" is apparently a spell-check error. Squiggly line popped up and now my writing is ruined. RUINED I TELL YOU. Maybe its Of-course. or Of course. Wow. mind = blown.
It MUST be too late to blog.

I'd like to wish my dad a very happy Father's day today. Got him a couple shirts.. hope he likes them.
Thankyou Dad for being you. For being born into this world so that I could also be born. LOL, but no seriously. I'm thankful for you being such a wonderful person. Strict when you need to be, but hilarious when I need you to be. All your lame jokes have finally rubbed off on me. No amount of presents, money or words could tell how much you've done for us. Of-course, you won't be reading my blog so I will need to write all this down in a card. LOL. jeebus I'm so tired right now you cannot imagine. Two more assignments and a test to study for. This is going to be a busy week. Anyway back to the topic of my dad, I LOVE HIM ♥ More than pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla icecream topped with chocolate sauce and maybe some of those little crushed up peanuts as well.

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