Monday, August 19, 2013


So I'm 20 now, as you might already know. For some reason feeling extremely old. Like time is running out already. But how can it be? Our lives have only just begun. Time to do the things we've always wanted to, if we haven't yet.

It was a nice birthday this year, nothing too fancy. I'm not one to organise things, just because I'm so bad at it. I'm glad other people organised little get-togethers for me :)
To my best friend Rosemay♥, my dental girls Shan-shan and viv, my other dental kids, my baddy friends, my boss and most importantly my family.. Thanks for the gifts, wishes and surprises.
Got to make four different wishes this year. And funnily enough, I made the same wishes for all of them. Now four times more likely to come true ;)

Admittedly, there were a couple nights during my birthday week that I was feeling miserably down. It was one of those sadnesses where you just can't pinpoint the exact reason for the frown. It just happens. Then other things happen that just add fuel to the fire and make you feel even worse than before. It was really frustrating to be honest.. wanting to be nothing but happy.. but something holding you back.

I'm just grateful that there were people that realized what I was feeling and tried to cheer me up.
And now I'm back to normal ;) are you cereal? I'M SO CEREAL. Like cocopuffs and cheeriossssss.

 Lunchtime frog cupcake. Sweetness overload

HANDMADE snorlax. I mean, Junlax. LOL jeebus. crazy. crazy awesome.

I obviously have too much Patrick stuff now. People know me. haha.

Uber unexpected Pandora bracelet...

Epic Wasai Birthday dinner; Weihan was kitchen hand that night! Made my dinner extra special ;)

Birthday Cocolat from the boss ;D

"Surprise" party from baddy crew
Ju yok. They obviously can't spell LOL. oink.

Happy Birthday to me.

And then BAM!!! I got a haircut. LOL. if you haven't seen already.. Mega change.

And finally, Birthday dinner with the coolest dumpling kids.


I can only hope my life will be full of awesome friends forever. #cornyshieet
That is all.

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