Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barbie-Kew at Semaphore

Haven't hung out with my friends from school much at all during this Summer holiday.. So we thought we'd go to the beach and make food. hahha..
The guys that came today were absolutely USELESS! LOL. The one that organised it called up my friend and so she had to get everything, the meat, drinks, cutlery and stuff. Good organisational skills mate! -_- And the girls did all the cooking too.. Fail as a man, guys! But it was still fun, girl power for the win.
After the first half hour of eating we were all getting too full so everyone started feeding the seagulls, which is apparently illegal now? But yes, we did it. We're heaps gangster asians..
I swear these seagulls are so selfish, haven't they heard of sharing? LOL so we had fun watching them fight over food. Quite entertaining!

I had a bad experience with a seashell, it cut me when i stepped on it. i bet it did it on purpose..
Although the weather said that it'd be 36degrees, it was cool, and SO WINDY. The sand whipped our legs when we walked on the beach.. So painful D:
First time doing the 'jumping on the beach' shot, ever! Well for me atleast. Haha so that's one thing that I can cross of from the things I want to do before I turn thirty.. LOL

OH, and i witnessed awesome today. Even on the most gloomy days, you should be able to see the light in every situation. Positive thinking!

Ah, it's Thundering now, what a great summer I must say (:
Under19 training started up again yesterday, I'd forgotten how hard training is... Got completely effed sideways.. hahah fail at badminton..

Also I recently bought a party dress, its black and so sexy ;) AHAHAH jokes, but i like it. The front is pretty simple but the back is awesome.. However I bought it in a size smaller than i usually would, and since its kind of a body hugging dress, this will be my motivation to exercise more and eat healthy. GOOD IDEA RIGHT? :D This plan better work...no, it WILL work, cause i reaaally want to wear the dress soon.
If not i would have just lost $10.. and that could buy me alot... i could have like 20 soft serves from Hungry Jacks. Can you tell how stingy I am? :)

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