Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nothing comes to mind

Man, I really did have something interesting to post about like 3 hours ago, and now it's completely slipped from my thoughts. :\ well thats not cool. But I thought to myself that I Should post something since you know, haven't in a while and therefore it feels like there is a sudden big hole in my life. What would I DOO without you, blog?

Spent the last week after I arrived back in Adelaide unpacking all the boxes and cleaning up the new house. Only realised just how much Crap and junk I have, and everytime I pick something out of the box I wonder to myself 'why did I even keep this?'. But even after taking it out of the box and thinking those words, I still put the object in a place on my shelf/in a drawer/in a box and keep it. LOL I guess I have a hard time letting things go, however useless it may be. Everything seems to remind me of another time, and then I keep it for the memories. Probs why all the soft toys I've ever had are stashed in my new cupboard. NEVERTHELESS. I managed to find two whole boxes of clothes, toys and randomness to give away to the salvos :) Proud of myself.

Made my new years resolutions, looking back I think I've made these resolutions at least twice before. Something about body image and something about being nicer yada yada.. but the difference this year is that I'll really make those things happen. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES. yeeeeeer. Let's go let's go. Hi-five.

..Kind of missing my long hair. :\ oh dayum I knew this would happen! Oh well. These things grow :)

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